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Interactive Agency ConDesign Szczecin 

offers its clients mature solutions. We create secure websites that are characterized by

  •  availability
  •  scalability
  •  reliability

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Availability, security, scalability - our concept for creating good websites. The website of your company is much more than a showcase, it is its face online. It works for you 24 hours a day and allows you to collect a lot of valuable marketing data. In ConDesign, we create websites based on three pillars:

  • Accessibility - the website must be fast, look great on all devices, enable intuitive access to information
  • Security - your and your customers' data must be as secure as possible
  • Scalability - can be expanded without restrictions

The same customer who visited your site will also visit at least 4 parties of the competition before making a decision. Only then will they choose. Let's take care that it falls as often as possible on your website.

Online stores

Regardless of whether you want to start selling products online, or if you have clearly defined needs, you can count on us. We love challenges. You will never hear from us that something is impossible to do. The basic versions of stores do not meet your requirements? No problem. We will expand them. Do you need help running a store? We help 24 / h, 7 days a week!

Web systems and applications

Do not limit yourself to ready-made, non-matching systems. We design and create advanced and at the same time easy to use applications that facilitate the work of running a business. Our specialty is:

Dedicated company management systems:

  • managing the flow of documents and information,
  • supervision of processes (product / service life cycle control).

Dedicated customer service systems, in particular:

  • generators of quotes, offers and other documents,
  • notification systems,
  • complaint and online complaint systems,
  • recruitment systems.

And other custom applications.

Programming services

Your website, store or program needs a refresh? Their functionalities are no longer sufficient? We will come and offer the best solution! We write dedicated modules also for projects that we did not create!


Reliability is the key, that's why we use the services of a trusted hosting company. We will help you choose the server parameters that suit your needs. Taking care of data security, we use SSL certificates. We periodically back up both files and databases.


A catchy password will remain in the client's memory for a long time. We prepare texts and materials for websites.

Visual identification

We guarantee a consistent image of your company. Visual identification is much more than just a brilliant logo. It's the whole system of elements that make up part of the brand's image. In the end, how they see you, they write you!


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